Earth Retaining Systems


Geolok 300 is suitable for professional retaining walls up to 2m high, and Geolok 400 is suitable for retaining walls up to 4m high. These products are interchangeable within a retaining block wall, which allows for different retaining capabilities within a single wall.

Product Attributes:

  • Visible mechanical interlock in the form of a nib, which provides a high degree of shear resistance.
  • Open face application requires less blocks per metre squared therefore it’s more cost competitive than closed face retaining block applications.
  • Nib ensures a maximum angle of inclination of 70 degrees.
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These products are made from concrete and can be stacked without mortar, as a cost-effective DIY system for multi-landscaping purposes. Applications of Terraforce include domestic use -where plants can be made part of the wall, stairways, seating, retainer walls and plant supportive terracing.

Product Attributes:

  • Unique design allows for plants to be part of the wall.
  • No mortar is required resulting in Terraforce being cost effective.
  • No chemical preservatives are required.


Terrafix can be used for general erosion control, riverbank and lakeshore protection, storm water control and spillways, embankments and slope stabilisation, as well as bridge abutments.

Product Attributes:

  • Elements made from durable concrete and can be used in most saline or polluted conditions.
  • Highly permeable, but can be made impermeable by using an impervious membrane underneath the blocks, or grouting the structure with concrete or mastic.
  • Available in 100, 120 and 150mm thickness and can be laid at different configurations, to reduce the amount needed.