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Corobrik welcomes superior face brick after massive technology investment by Rosema Bricks

Rosema Bricks, a Gauteng-based alliance factory of Corobrik, will be bringing a superior-quality face brick to the South African market as a result of its R85 million newly installed brick manufacturing technology. This substantial investment in the Olifantsfontein factory will improve the quality of Rosema Bricks’ ‘satin-texture bricks’ which is set to have a significant impact on the brick market going forward.
“Corobrik’s decades-long alliance with Rosema Bricks has continued to bring the highest possible face brick range to the construction industry,” said Musa Shangase, Corobrik’s Commercial Director. “Their latest investment in what is seen as state-of-the-art extrusion and setting technology globally, will elevate the quality of face brick, ensuring the South African market continues to receive the best available product.”
Rosema Bricks, which produces 34 million bricks annually, has spent four months implementing a new setting machine with robotic packing onto kiln cars. This has the ability to pre-groove the bricks with rounded corners. The bricks are then cut by a push-up cutter, a first for the factory, all of which will drastically enhance the quality of the finished product. The kiln has also been upgraded so that it’s able to produce 25 percent more bricks in the future.
“Quality in the face brick market is very important which is why we upgraded the plant in 2019,” explained Theo Rosema, CEO of Rosema Bricks. “We decided that, to enhance the quality of our bricks, we needed to upgrade our production equipment and we therefore invested in the most advanced technology available.”
The Rosema Bricks’ Olifantsfontein factory, which has been operating for 33 years, boasts a face brick range consisting of nine products – three satin texture and six travertine texture. Proving particularly popular in the housing and warehouse development markets as well as being selected by government for use in schools and clinics, the Redwood, Protea Travertine and Terracotta Satin ranges are currently emerging as top choices. 
“We are a major player in the face brick market for good reason,” continued Mr Rosema. “We offer a wide range of colours and textures, and our Gauteng location, the fastest-growing construction area nationwide, makes us perfectly positioned.”
“Training plays a major role in the success of our business; thus our operators were trained as the new setting machine was installed to ensure a smooth transition,” explained Mr Rosema.
“Plans are already in place to install a new de-hacking station as well as an extra dryer. The setting machine has the capability to manufacture 50mm paving bricks and clay maxi bricks, however production of these will only commence once the new de-hacker is installed.”
These superior-quality face bricks form part of the extensive Corobrik brand, adhering to all international quality control standards. All of Corobrik’s clay face bricks boast superior thermal and noise reduction qualities, retaining structure and aesthetic quality.